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Large Format

Here at Square One Printing, we take pride in our many options for cutom large format printing. Whether you're enhancing your business visibility, decorating your space, or creating meaningful gifts, we offer a wide array of materials and products tailored to meet your unique needs.

Materials Available for Custom Printing:

  1. Foam Board: Lightweight and versatile, ideal for displays and presentations.
  2. Coroplast: Durable and weather-resistant, suitable for outdoor signage.
  3. Canvas Faced Foam Board: Combines canvas elegance with the practicality of foam board.
  4. Styrene Faced Foam Board: Provides a smooth surface for high-quality prints and displays.
  5. Styrene: Versatile plastic material used for signage and visual communication.
  6. Foamed PVC: Lightweight and durable, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  7. Plexiglass: Offers a sleek, modern look for standout prints and signage.
  8. Yard Signs: Customizable for events, businesses, or personal use.
  9. Aluminum Composite Board: Sturdy and weather-resistant, perfect for outdoor signage.
  10. Magnets: Ideal for promotional materials or decorative purposes.
  11. Puzzles: Create unique puzzles from your favorite images or designs.
  12. Metal Plates: Adds a sophisticated touch to your prints and displays.
  13. Foam Board Cutout: Custom-shaped boards for creative displays.
  14. A-Frame Signs: Portable and effective for advertising and directions.
  15. Lamination: Protects and enhances prints with a choice of finishes.
  16. Esko: Advanced software solutions for precise cutting and printing.
  17. Vinyl Banners: Versatile and durable, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
  18. X-Frame Banners: Lightweight and easy to assemble for various events.
  19. Roll-Up Retractable Banners: Portable and professional for trade shows and exhibits.
  20. Window Cling: Removable and ideal for temporary promotions.
  21. Window Perf: Offers privacy with visibility, suitable for storefronts and vehicles.
  22. Printed or Cut Vinyl: Available in various colors and finishes for signage and decor.
  23. Fine Art Papers: A selection of textures and finishes for premium prints.
  24. Vinyl/Window Perf Installation Service: Professional installation for seamless application.
  25. Dye Sublimation: Produces vibrant prints on specialty substrates.
  26. Aluminum Fine Art Prints: Durable and modern prints for gallery-quality displays.
  27. Buttons: Customizable buttons for promotions, events, and more.
  28. Name Tags: Personalized tags for identification and professional events.

At Square One Printing, we prioritize quality craftsmanship, efficient service, and personalized solutions. Our dedicated team is committed to bringing your vision to life with precision and care. Explore our offerings online or visit our showroom to discover how we can help you achieve your printing goals.

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